středa 2. února 2011


There are a nice chat in the net, 3D efects, really good to play & enjoy, there are rooms places to stay in, beachs ! cars !, lot of people to get friends and funny time. And the best you can registrate and start winning 2000 CREDITS FOR FREE from IMVU to start in the great virtual community.There are lot of comments about hack IMVU and get milagrous credits for free, please ... dont believe it !What will you need to do ? To registrate in IMVU, make a click in one of next banner:

Just go to the site, and sing up.
1.- Then select your avatar name, your sex, and then your avatar shape, hair, clothes and so on.
2.- Select your first room and additional clothes and accesories.
3.- Write a email adress (you must be verify this later). Complete the form, select an country, and the verifier code number.
4.- Download the chat messenger client. By the while look at your email account for a IMVU mail and verify it (that mean win 500 credits for free).
5.- Install it & enjoy !
By the first, try with the Chat now buttton, get a few chats to learn (better 6 times or more if you like) take pics from your avatar, put in your new HP, your pic in "avatar" place, your room, the poses you like, etc. Get in your HP to look its really nice !
You have now 1750 credits free from IMVU. Try almost one chat (about two minutes) the nexts three days and you will get 2000 credits free from IMVU to buy your own clothes, furnitures, rooms and so on.


IMVU Review:

IMVU 3D Chatting
IMVU is a 3D virtual chatting game where you can connect with different people all around the globe. Imvu was founded in 2004 and scince then has grown massively in profit and popularity. Imvu is not just another one of the social networking sites, there is something new and exciting to explore everyday such as:

Becoming a Developer
Creating your own groups
Dressing up your avatar
And designing your profile page

Credits and Catalog
Imvu has something called credits and they are used to buy anything you want from their never ending catalog. There is estimated to be 3 million items in it. They have everything your avatar needs from the newests hair, eyes, makeup, clothing, houses, cars, business, furniture, and even pets and kids. The style of clothing in the catalog ranges from high end coture gowns to everyday regular gear.

Imvu has updated their software seriously scince I join two years ago. They have features such as:

A new modern messenger that has everything you need right there without your having to sign into your profile page.
It has a catalog feature where you can shop, try on and buy items right from you messenger.
You can also check you inbox and send messages to your friends directly from the messenger.
The messenger allows you to enter and exit rooms called virtual chatrooms, and the can be your own house, hair salons, beaches or resorts, and even wedding chapels and nigt clubs, etc.
The newly added features are the pet, moive, and music features.

Access pass and Vip Club
There are many benifits of being a IMVU member but two special ones are the Access Pass and the Vip Club.

Access Pass
The Access Pass is a pass that allows you to view content that can not be viewed by just anyone without the pass Such as fourms, chatrooms, groups and certain items in the catalog. It keeps sexual content or chatrooms closed to members without the pass. In order to get the pass you have to verify your age as being 18 and up and the cost is only $19.95.

Vip Club
Unlike the access pass the Vip Club is a club that anyone can join. It consists of free credits, savings on items in the catalog, no spam mailing, exclusive gifts and customer support, etc.

My Thoughts
I have been a member of IMVU for two years now and I have meet and made many friends. I have had great experiences with this site and there's always something new to do and new people to meet. So why not give it a look and see if IMVU is the social site for you.

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